How You Are Unintentionally Wasting Money

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Here’s a simple problem that a lot of people have no idea about.

They are wasting money & don’t even realize it.

Simply because most people don’t take 10 minutes once a month…

And track exactly what they are spending their money on every month.

Two Examples

My Neighbor Sunshine

My neighbor Sunshine is a single mom and a Starbucks fan….

And she looks forward to her morning Starbucks most mornings.

Sometimes, she even gets an iced coffee in the afternoon.

Before she started tracking her monthly spending, she thought she was spending maybe $60 or $70 a month on her Starbucks….

Which was fine…

Until she started tracking her Starbucks every month, and she discovered to her horror that she was spending on average $220 on Starbucks every single month

Which was ridiculous once she thought about it.

BUT… She would have never known that if she didn’t start tracking her monthly Starbucks expenses.


My Friend Jim

Another friend of mine, Jim, owns his own contracting business.

Like most contractors, he is driving around town all day checking on jobs, picking up materials, or meeting new potential customers.

He had a tendency to grab a fast food breakfast sandwich and a coffee a couple of times a week.

And he would often eat lunch at one of the local restaurants in whatever part of town he happened to be in that day.

He never thought he needed to be tracking something as minor as his fast food or lunch expenses…

Until I showed him how easy it was to track what he was spending in about 10 minutes just once a month.

Once he did, he was stunned to discover that he was spending just over $600 a month on fast food and other restaurant costs alone

And pretty nasty fast food at that.

Needless to say, he was able to make a few changes to that needless monthly expense and has dropped it to around $100.

After all, he told me, you never think about $8 here for fast food or $15 there for a restaurant lunch…

But it adds up and most people are amazed at where exactly their money goes every month once they take the time to actually track it.


Simple Money Tracking & Budget Software

If YOU want to start getting a handle on exactly where your money is vanishing to every month, it is easy to start tracking your expenses as well.

And it takes about 10 minutes a month to do…

In addition, it is pretty easy to use; even for computer novices.

I have tried several different expense tracking & budgeting software packages.

But the easiest to use is Quicken.

Quicken makes it easy to track your monthly expenses since you can…

  • Import all your checking and credit card bank transactions safely and automatically
  • Start taking control of your personal finances
  • See where your money is going – your transactions are automatically categorized
  • Stay on top of your spending.
  • Create a budget and manage your bills.
  • Create a custom budget tailored to suit your lifestyle.
  • Use Bill Manager, Tracker and Quicken Bill Pay to keep your payments on-time.

But one of the best features is the ability to import your monthly checking or debit card statement directly into Quicken in about 1 minute.

Take another 5 or 10 minutes to categorize your spending and…

You have an instant snapshot of exactly where your money is going every month.

Once you start tracking your expenses, you’ll be amazed at some of the things you are spending on…

And how much you are spending on those things.

Considering that Quicken Starter is about $3 a month (or $35.99 a year)…

It is about the same cost as just one of those nasty, tasteless fast food burgers just once a month.

If you want to take back control of your monthly expenses and spending, Quicken is the easiest way to do this.

At least give it a look for yourself by clicking on the banner below…



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