Is Windows Defender Good Enough?

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It is a MUST that you have some anti virus program running on your computer to keep your computer safe.

Windows comes with Windows Defender… A free program included with Windows that is an anti-virus program.

BUT… is it good enough?

This short video provides the answer…





Our favorite all in one antivirus solution is Avast.

And we have been using it for the last 5 years.

It provides all the bells and whistles of the other major AV programs out there.

And it also comes with a powerful and secure password manager that we use every day.

PLUS… it comes with a VPN so you can surf the Internet anonymously.

The FREE version works just fine.

But for about $4 a month, the paid version gives you a lot more features.

Regardless of what you use, you NEED to have some AV/malware protection on your computer.

And while Windows Defender may work on a basic level…

The FREE version of Avast provides more robust protection.

Give them a look for yourself.

Avast AV



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